ClearDetections offers agricultural (inspection) laboratories a turnkey solution for plant health diagnostics. We provide DNA-barcode based detection methods for all major plant pathogenic nematodes as all-inclusive molecular detection kits (Real-time PCR based).

The conserved morphology of nematodes means that identification requires expert knowledge. Current nematode analyses are mostly based on microscopic examinations with limited throughput, sensitivity and specificity. This hampers standardized control for quarantine nematode species in importing and exporting countries.

Recently, many agricultural laboratories have invested in the set up of a molecular laboratory, in the expectation that DNA-based identification and detection of plant pathogens, including nematodes, will be the golden standard in the near future. Our product range enables agricultural (inspection) laboratories to implement standardized and validated molecular tests and allows them to work according to the latest taxonomic insights. Our Real-time PCR assays enable high throughput, specific and sensitive detection of plant pathogenic nematodes and provide a major means for durable disease and risk management.

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